Service Description

The FloCash Peer2peer service enables person to person cross border payments. The service connects electronic and mobile wallets in different countries through a single technical integration and settlement of funds in multiple currencies. FloCash Peer2peer is a seamless transfer service that enables funds transfer to different payment channels using just an email address or mobile number.


This document specifies the interface requirements for third-party applications to use the FloCash Payout API. The Payout API allows payment intermediaries to send payment instructions to the FloCash system and use the FloCash Peer2peer service.


This guide is intended to assist software developers who want to connect third-party systems to the FloCash Peer2peer service. It fully documents the FloCash Payout API and allows developers to interact and send payment instructions.


Client: The API user belonging to a Pay-in Partner that wishes to send funds to the Receiver.

Merchant: The name of the account for Pay-in partner on the FloCash system

Pay-in Partner: The FloCash financial partner that originates a peer2peer payment to be sent to a receiver on a FloCash pay-out network in Africa.

Pay-out Partner: The FloCash financial partner that settles a peer2peer payment sent to a receiver on its payment service which is connected to FloCash network in Africa.

Transaction ID: A Unique Reference code generated by the merchant and given to their customers.