Express CheckoutΒΆ

The FloCash Express Checkout is the E commerce service which allows you to redirect customers from your website to our secure systems, where the customer can use their mobile or card to complete the transaction.

Once the transaction has been processed, FloCash will send notification to your listener script on your server so that your system can automatically update with the details of the transaction. The customer can then be redirected back to your website after completion of payment. You can also redirect your customers from your mobile website to the FloCash secure payment page to process the payments.

The payment page is optimized for mobile display and lets you access all the local, international and alternative payment methods offered by FloCash. You can easily adapt its look and feel to match the look and feel of your mobile website.


  • Send users to a hosted payment page on FloCash payment gateway.
  • Customize the payment page with your logo and contact information.
  • Users are redirected back to your website upon completion or cancellation.
  • Prices can be shown in your local currency.

Notifications can be sent to your website when an order completes.

To fully integrate your website into our systems using the Express Checkout, the following steps must be completed:

  1. A Payment Request Form
  2. A web script ‘listener’ to receive transaction notification
  3. A Transaction Success Response Page

The integration has the following technical prerequisites:

  1. The merchant site must be accessible via the internet
  2. The merchant site must use HTML to generate request form
  3. The merchant site must be able to send request to a secure ‘SSL’ page to verify transactions.