Payment Notification

FloCash offers a Payment Notification service that notifies you of transactions within the FloCash system for your merchant account. It sends data in a near real time fashion for the following action types:

  • Sale
  • Refund
  • Chargeback
  • Cancel
  • Test

The service attempts to post information via HTML FORM POST to a URL specified by you. Each post contains a group of URL Parameters relevant to the transaction.

Note: This service is intended for use by experienced programmers. Clients without extensive programming skills should refrain from implementing Instant Notifications without first enlisting the services of an experienced programmer.

How it works

The FloCash Payment Notification service is triggered every time a transaction is created or an action is taken upon a transaction in your FloCash merchant account. The primary flow involves the following steps:

  • An action occurs in the FloCash system ex sale, refund, etc
  • FloCash posts FORM parameters to a URL you specify
  • FloCash observes the server response
  • A program you build processes the variables

Setting up the service on your FloCash merchant account is straightforward as described in previous section. However, it is also necessary to build a program that processes the Payment Notification URL Parameters, which is a more technical task. In order to make good use of this service, your program must at least process the parameters outline in the URL Parameters section of this document.

Activate notification parameters

Login with your merchant account and change URL notify parameter to your listener to receive instant notification.

No. Field Name Description Data type sample
1 merchant Merchant username 1-50 Characters
2 sender_acct Sender Account 1-50 Characters



3 order_id Unique transaction ID of the order 1-25 Characters AT000001
4 Amount The total amount the buyer needs to pay float 23.45
5 item_name Name of Item 1-250 Characters Call Credit
6 item_price Price per item float 2.50
7 currency_code 3-letter code of the currency of the ammo unt based on ISO4217 3 Characters USD
8 Quantity The number of items Int Characters
9 trans_id Unique transaction ID. If error, the va lue is 0 1-20 characters  
10 fpn_id Unique FloCash ID 1-20 characters  
11 Custom Customer Id 1-25 characters  
12 Customer Customer Name 1-250 character  
13 Status Transaction Status Refer to status code in Appendix A Int  
14 status_msg Status message 1-250 characters  
15 payer_email customers email 1-250 characters  
16 payment_channel Payment channel customer choose: mobile,card, wallet 1-250 characters  
17 txn_partner_ref Transaction reference returned back from bank 1-250 characters  

For the Instant Notification service to function properly, you need to understand the follow ing items. Failure to properly understand and implement these items will result in not getting accurate payment information to servers.

  • What a HTML FORM POST to a URL is
  • What Post Parameters are
  • The importance of utilizing Secure Socket Layer SSL

Steps to process Payment Notification:

  • Develop a listener to accept an HTTP Post from FloCash gateway as shown in the message above
  • Extract the relevant response parameters from the POST message
  • Process data
  • Respond to the HTTP Post with the value ‘00’ if the merchant has verified the POST message ERROR CODE if message cannot be verified.

The Payment Notification service attempts to POST information via HTML to the URL specified on your merchant account. If our attempt to post receives a response code from your system of something other than 00, FloCash will retry delivering the data an hour later. The service will continue retrying once an hour for up to 72 hours, after which the feature will no longer attempt delivery.

Merchant Polling

For Merchant poll transactions we provide two methods over web service protocol:

  • pollPayInbyRef
  • pollPayInbyTime

The web service WSDL specification is available in the appendix section or:

Prior to implementing this feature, you should familiarize yourself with the following information.

Element name Description Data type Note
MerchantCode Merchant Code   Currently not used
APIUsername API username   Username provided by FloCash
APIPassword API password   Password provided by FloCash
trace_number This key is used to poll transactions using a ref value called trace_number that merchant receives to its Return URL or Notify URL   Sample: T111394972087797
fromTime Start time    
toTime End time    
account FloCash Merchant account which is usually registered email address of merchant.    
statusCode Status Code    
statusMsg Status Message    
Payment Transaction information    
transid Transaction ID    
trace_number This key is used to poll transactions using a ref value called trace_number that merchant receives to its Return URL or Notify URL    
postDate Date of transaction    
currency_code Currency for the transaction   3 digits as per the ISO 4217 Currency code standard. These are available on the web at: popstds/currencycodeslist.html
amount Total amount to be credited to merchant accou nt    
status Payment status as notified by FloCash gateway   Check Appendix A
message Message description    
sender Please refer to Sender element    
custom Custom field that merchant provided    
order_id Order Id from merchant    
quantity Info merchant post from html form    
item_price Info merchant post from html form    
item_name Info merchant post from html form    
payment_channel Channel perform payment   Mobile, Wallet, Card
payer_email Payers email    
txn_partner_ref Transaction reference of bank    
Payments Contains all    
  transaction query    
Payment Please refer to Payment element    
Auth Please refer to Auth element    
PayInbyRef Please refer to PayInbyRefelement    
Auth Please refer to Auth element    
PayInbyTime Please refer to PayInbyTime element    
Header Please refer to Header element    
Payments Please refer to Payments element