Create your listenerΒΆ

Once you have redirected your customer to FloCash to make payment, you need a mechanism to find out if the customer has completed the payment successfully. FloCash offers a Payment Notification service that notifies you of the status of a transactionafter your customer completed payment at FloCash payment page.

Write a script in the language of your choice that listens to thepayment notification messages sent by FloCash gateway.

Steps to process Payment Notification:

  • Develop a listener to accept an ‘’HTTP’’ Post from FloCash gateway as shown in the link below
  • Extract the relevant response parameters from the ‘’POST’’ message
  • Respond to the HTTP Post by sending an HTTP Post back to FloCash gateway to verify authentication of the received message.
  • Process data Fulfil order if transaction was successful and verified by FloCash gateway

Example listener is available in the link below:

The Payment Notification service attempts to ‘’POST’’ information via ‘’HTML’’ to the URL specified on your merchant account. If our attempt to post receives a response code from your system of something other than 200 or if the gateway does not receive Post Back to verify the message, FloCash will retry delivering the data an hour later. The service will continue retrying once an hour for up to 72 hours, after which the feature will no longer attempt delivery.