Integration Overview

FloCash provides a range of customizable integration options to meet the payment processing needs of a variety of financial partners. Supporting multiple channels including ATM, Point of Sale, Internet, or mobile, FloCash consolidates all transaction switching and processing requirements through single point of interface, the FloCash Gateway ‘FGW’

FloCash Payment Gateway offers the following integration methods:

  1. ISO8583 Connector ‘POS or ATM’
  2. Secure Web services ‘Processors or Gateways’
  3. HTTP over SSL ‘Merchants/Web or mobile’
  4. Custom Connectors ‘Custom development’

Message Formats

A key aspect of the FloCash architecture is to provide an interface specification based on open standards. One of the core open standards in the new architecture is the XML Messaging format. This International Standard provides secure and reliable messaging of payment transactions, and supports advanced functionality in areas like routing, monitoring, message identification and correlation.

The use of XML Message format has been crucial for FloCash interfaces. It provides the advanced functionality required by payment processing systems, is demonstrably interoperable across the actual deployed systems, and has resulted in a very stable architecture and is suitable for a reliable messaging solution to handle sensitive information.

FloCash also supports a stream message format is meant to be easily machine readable with low overhead. It is recommended for high volume servers or embedded devices. Each transaction ‘and response’ begins with an STX and ends with an ETX. Each transaction is made up of one or more transaction elements depending on the transaction type being performed.

Transport Protocol

The FloCash gateway utilises a 128 bit SSL communication channel over HTTPS, which is a method of encryption used to secure traffic between payment gateway and intermediary servers. HTTPS must be supported for secure communication; HTTP is not an available option as it is unencrypted.

Because the communication layer is already provided by the server, this is often the fastest way to implement the FloCash solution. The only message format allowed via this communication method is XML, and the data must be submitted as Content Type: text or xml and via a POST. The response shall only return the raw XML response message. The current implementation requires that the client software be able to validate the server’s SSL certificate. Either the servers CA must be registered with the client, or an officially signed certificate must be used for the server